RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)



The Articles of Continuance and National ByLaws can be found on the national RCMP Veterans' Association website.  In response to the new "Not-For-Profit Corporations Act", the Association reviewed its Constitution, Bylaws and Operational Manual.  The necessary changes  were adopted at the Annual General Meeting held in Ottawa in June, 2014.

As a result, the PEI Divison bylaws were repealled.  Our Division Manual was adopted at our business meeting in September 2014.

 Our Members

We have 85 Active Members;  9 "Life" Members;  27 Associate Members; and 1 Honourary Life Member.

Contact information is available at the link below, but is restricted to our members only.  Please respect the privacy of your colleagues and advise them when someone is looking to connect with them.

Current Member Information

If you wish to contact a member of the RCMP VA (PEI), please use the Contact Page to request information from the Division Secretary.

 Our Executive (2023)

Our Executive are elected from the voting membership and serve for a two year term.  Elections are held each year at our division general meeting in November.   

Former Presidents of the RCMP VA (PEI) are presented with the Presidents' Medallion to be worn on ceremonial ocassions.  A history of the Medallion can be found on the above link.

You may also find interesting a brief account of the Creation of our Association, as well as, a listing of Executive Members since our charter.