RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)


... to the digital home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Veterans' Association of Prince Edward Island (PEI).  We are a small part of the not-for-profit association of former employees of the RCMP and their immediate families.

The majority of our members served in PEI at some point in their career.


The RCMP Veterans' Association, proud of our traditions, commits to promote the physical, social and economic welfare of former members of the RCMP and their immediate families and to be of service to our communities and Canada when required or requested through the rendering assistance to the Police, especially the Royal Canadians Counted Police, in matters of common concern.


There are two classes of membership, voting and non-voting.  Memberships are defined in Part VI of the RCMP VA By-Laws, found on the National website.  The form of membership was changed at the 2014 AGM (June in Ottawa).

Persons interested in joining the RCMP VA must complete a membership application and forward it to the Division Secretary.  Complete the "Application for Membership" and forward it to the Division Secretary.


The "application for membership" (above) is a new document that mirrors the intent of the online application and the previous PDF files emanating from national association.

Contact Us... 

If you are looking for information about the RCMP VA (PEI), or are trying to connect with one of our members, please go to our Facebook page:

"RCMP Veterans Association - PEI Division"

 Purpose and Objectives

The Association came into being when it was recognized that the training, experience and camaraderie that members had obtained and/or developed during their active service, could still be put to a very meaningful use in individual and collective service to Canada, the Force, and other former members (or members of their immediate families and their dependents). That belief is stronger than ever today. To that end, the Association continues to subscribe to the following purpose and objectives, as stated in our constitution:

  • To promote and assist in the promotion and advancement of the best interest of Canada, especially respect for its Constitution;
  • to be of service to the Government of Canada when required and requested; 
  • to cooperate with and render assistance to the Police, especially the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in all matters of common interest; to promote the physical, social and economic welfare of the Association’s members and their immediate families; 
  • to establish such benevolent fund or funds for the purpose of aiding former members of the RCMP and their immediate families or dependents requiring assistance, and to appoint trustees to supervise the administration and management of any such funds; and
  • to provide support to community services or organizations of a charitable or benevolent nature.