RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)

Presidents' Medallions

The President’s Medallion is a historical and practical representation of the heritage of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association established in April 1886.  Pictured below: 

The spur represents the formation and contribution of the North West Mounted Police, the Royal North West Mounted Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the development of western Canada.

The shield a symbol of law enforcement represents the duty of law enforcement and justice.

The thin blue line on the outer edge of the shield represents the evolving role of police service including local, Provincial, National and International service.

The scarlet and gold of the inner portion of the shield represents the colours of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association.

The crest displayed is that of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association as it appears in the Public Register of all Public Arms and Bearings in Edinburgh Scotland as of the 20 day of January l983.


The first to receive their medallion was Past President Tim Jay (1999/2002).  Now residing in the Toronto Area, Tim was presented at a Toronto Division meeting.


Four Past Presidents received their medallions : Damien Dunsford (1992), Forest (Bush) Dumville (1989), Bob McCann (1993), and Fred Lynch (1994/95).   


President (Mike O'Neil), Secretary (Ernie MacAulay) and Kings County Representative (Richard MacAulay) met with Past President Jim Hatcher (1996) and his wife Margaret at the Atlantic Baptist Nursing Home, Sherwood, PEI to present Jim with his Presidents' Medallion.


The remaining Past Presidents, along with members of their families, were presented with their "Presidents' Medallion" at "L" Division HQ.  From left to right below:  1990 - Harry Kennedy; 1988 - WJR "Mac" Macdonald;  Current President Mike O'Neil; 2010 - Peter Sorensen; and 986 - Royce Greene.