RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)

Honouring Civilian Members

Civilian Members have long been the major support behind Operational Policing Members. That category of employee is being eliminated.  RCMP "L" DIvision and the RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI) Division felt it was important that those who served as CMs in Prince Edward Island should be recognized for their contribution to the well-being of the public and the members of the policing services.  This recognition came in the form of a memorial coin struck to recognize their contribution.

On January 11th, 2018, A/Commr. Joanne Crampton (former C.O. "L" Division); C/Supt. Jennifer Ebert (current C.O. "L" Division) and C/Supt. Randy Robar, Retired (former C.O. "L" Division and also Treasurer of the RCMP Veterans' Association) came together with the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island, the Honourable Antoinette Perry, and serving and retired civilian members of the Force.  Below are some of the pictures from the ceremony.