RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)

Calendar of Events


2022-01-18           Business Meeting

2022-02                Queens County Director's Event

2022-03-15           Business Meeting (ZOOM)

2022-04                 Kings County Director's Event 

2022-05-17           Business Meeting (ZOOM)

2022-06-29          Lobster / Steak Dinner

2022-07/08          Summer Break - No meetings will be held

2022-09-20          Business Meeting 

2022-09-25          Police & Peace Officers' Memorial Service (Summerside) Cancelled

2022-10-TBD       Prince County Director's Event

2022-11-11            Remembrance Day

2022-11-22            RCMPVA (PEI) Annual General Meeting (Razzy's)

2022-12-08           Christmas Dinner (Top of the Park, Red Shores Race Track)