RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)

2017 Lobster & Steak Social

Wednesday, June 14th at Afton Community Hall

Springtime on Prince Edward Island marks the start of lobster season (May 1st onward).  Who can resist these crustaceans now the opportunity to celebrate good food - again.  This year was out largest todate with more than sixt-seven (67) persons in attendance.
Following a brief introduction of friends from "L" Division (i.e.: CrOPS Officer, Mac Richards; Federal Policing Officer (Denis Roy) and the new S/S/Major Hank Pollard), we learned of some old "L" Division returnees (Jim and Meredith White).  We held a moment of silence for those who have passed and Chaplain Judy Jasper offered Grace. As we have in the past, members of the Executive served our Associates (those who have been widowed) and the meal began.

Special thanks to Entertainment Chair Phil Pitts, and those who assisted him (Paul Stetson, Randy Robar and Lorne MacKinnon), not to mention Chef Trent Desroches and his more than capable staff.