RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)

Minutes of Meetings 


2021-01-19  Business Meeting

2018-03-16  Business Meeting

2018-05-18 Business Meeting

2018-09-21  Business Meeting

2018-11-16  PEI AGM

A copy of the "Standing Agenda"  can be obtained here.

If members want copies of the Minutes from 2011 or earlier, please contact the secretary.  

(D) indicates "Draft, not yet approved."


2020-01-21  Business Meeting

2020-03-17  Business Meeting

COVID-19 Cancelled

2020-05-19  Business Meeting (NA)

2020-09-15  Business Meeting

2020-11-17  PEI AGM

We hold five business meetings (one is our AGM); three events which are more social in nature; three special events (i.e.: Lobster / Steak; and Christmas), with two months off.