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Operational Stress Injury Social Support

The OSISS Program is a partnership program between the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada.  Created in 2001, the Program began as a discussion between peers in a waiting area at a clinic.  The OSISS vision is "To be an exemplary model of standardized peer support to Canadian Forces (CF) personnel, Veterans and their families".  The goal is to ensure that when peers enter the gateway of peer support, they reap the benefits of the programs and services that can assist them in their recovery.  Breaking down the barriers of stigma and providing social support has led many CF members, Veterans and their families to seek the needed help.  In short, OSISS is a critical non-clinical addition to the mental health services of both Departments.

Peer Support Coordinators and Family Peer Support Coordinators are typically former CF members or families of Veterans or CF members, who know first-hand the lived experience of operational stress injuries (OSIs) and the possible impacts.  For more than ten years, coordinators have been there to reach out and provide peer support to those making the first steps in re-establishing a social connection - when two peers meet, the connection happens in an instant and that shared experience creates a common understanding, and support begins.  Peer support means hours of conversation, working to balance listening with sharing and helping peers connect with others.

National Advocacy Program

Part 2 Chapter 2.9 - Advocacy Program, states:

1.Advocacy is a program designed to recognize, protect, promote and generally champion the rights of members of the RCMP Veterans’ Association as it relates to issues of pensions, insurance and health care.

Our National Advocacy program is led by a national committee.  Ruby Burns is our PEI member on that committee.  The program manual can be found on the RCMP VA (National) website and contains benefits and services available to RCMP Veterans.  In particular, if a RCMP member or Veteran has a disability caused by their service, they will be eligible to receive a tax free pension or compensation and may be eligible for additional allowances, benefits and services in addition to the basic benefits and services.

Terminology is critical to making applications to Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) since the benefits and services vary between RCMP and Canadian Forces members and Veterans.  It is important to guide and counsel our Veterans concerning the potential benefits and services available to them.  Our advocates can help with this process.

Veterans Affairs Canada & RCMP Liaison - 

Veterans Affairs Canada introduced the RCMP Liaison Officer Program in 2012 with the appointment of its first Liaison Officer, Sgt. Brad Chugg.

On September 8th, 2014, Sgt. Kim Hendricken was appointed the new RCMP Liaison Officer to Veterans Affairs Canada.  She will be an advisor on issues related to the programs, services and benefits of the two organizations.  The goal is to improve services to VAC's RCMP clients (serving and retired).

Kim has 27 years of service with the Force and has been stationed in British Columbia, “N” Division, and of course here on Prince Edward Island.  She has worked in General Duty, GIS, Fraud, Commercial Crime, and until just recently was on the Atlantic Region Performance Improvement / Management Review Team.

She has been and continues to be the “L” Division Coordinator for the Crisis Negotiation Team as well as the “L” Division Mental Health Champion.

In her role as the RCMP Liaison Officer, Sgt. Hendricken will continue developing a close working relationship between the RCMP and Veterans Affairs Canada.

If you need to contact Kim, send her an email from here.

2014-08-08:  Services and Benefits Fact Sheet

Veterans Affairs Canada has produced a Services and Benefits fact sheet that will be presented to all graduating cadets of the RCMP.  We also hope this will be used as resource material and handed out at transition interviews.  Links in bilingual format can be found at English / French.

2015-10-30:  VAC Communications Open Up

"On behalf of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board, I am pleased to announce that the Board made its first foray into social media this afternoon with the official launch of its Twitter accounts.

Timely communications and outreach has been one of the Board’s organizational priorities for the last number of years, and we have made some notable progress in this regard. Twitter is another activity that will help us broaden and modernize our communications program.

Twitter will allow us to provide accurate information directly to Veterans, stakeholders, and Canadians. It will help us to: engage with individuals and reach new audiences; raise awareness of the Board’s program and its value; and facilitate access to information on its program.

For up-to-date information on the Board, you can find and follow our Twitter accounts at: @VRAB_Canada and @TACRA_Canada"

Tom Jarmyn, CD, Acting Chair,

Veterans Review and Appeal Board

P.O. Box 9900 | C.P. 9900 Charlottetown PE  C1A 8V7