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My VAC Account

Make sure you set up your VAC Account by going to http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/e_services

National Advocacy Program - Part 2 Chapter 2.9 - Advocacy Program, states:

1."Advocacy is a program designed to recognize, protect, promote and generally champion the rights of members of the RCMP Veterans’ Association as it relates to issues of pensions, insurance and health care."

The national advocacy program is led by a committee, on which Scott Ferris sits. The program manual can be found on the RCMP VA (National) website and contains benefits and services available to RCMP Veterans.  In particular, if a RCMP member or Veteran has a disability caused by their service, they will be eligible to receive a tax free pension or compensation and may be eligible for additional allowances, benefits and services in addition to the basic benefits and services.

Terminology is critical to making applications to Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) since the benefits and services vary between RCMP and Canadian Forces members and Veterans.  It is important to guide and counsel our Veterans concerning the potential benefits and services available to them.  Our advocates can help with this process.  

Check first with the Overview of VAC Programs and Services or go to VAC "Lifespeak", an online / self-help site with access to a health & wellness library filled with great information and guidance.

Here are some important RCMP / VAC Forms:

Application for Special Awards

Consent To Allow VAC to Disclose Personal Information to 3rd Party

Application Checklist for Disability Benefits

Quality of Life Questionnaire

Health Related Travel Claim

...and links to some important processes:

Application Process VAC PTSD & Other Mental Health Diseases

Application Process to Obtain Mental Health Assistance

Application Process for VAC Disability Claims

Veterans Affairs Canada & RCMP Liaison - 

Sgt. Kim Hendricken was appointed the new RCMP Liaison Officer to Veterans Affairs Canada.  She will be an advisor on issues related to the programs, services and benefits of the two organizations.  The goal is to improve services to VAC's RCMP clients (serving and retired).

In her role as the RCMP Liaison Officer, Sgt. Hendricken will continue developing a close working relationship between the RCMP and Veterans Affairs Canada.

If you need to contact Kim, send her an email from here.

Veterans' Review & Appeal Board  

Chairperson's Message.  This Annual Report details the Veterans Review and Appeal Board’s work in 2017-18 to deliver a national appeal program for Veterans’ disability benefits decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada.  As usual, the most important accomplishment of our year was to conduct respectful hearings and make fair decisions for Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) members, and their families.

Last year, the Board heard 2,017 Reviews and 375 Appeals for applicants across the country. As a result, more than 40% of them received increased benefits for service-related disabilities from the Board.

Chris McNeil, Chairperson