RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)

Agenda, Virtual Meeting – March 16th, 2021 


1.      Call to Order Virtual Meeting 

a.       Welcome to Members & Introduction of Guests by President Scott Ferris 

2.      Adoption of Agenda:  Previously circulated via email 

3.      Last Post:  List attached for January 19th. Through to March 14th.  2021. Members who passed that served in “L” Div. include; 

a.       Regimental #16684, William J.P. Coughlan, S/S/M Ret’d.

b.      Regimental #19270, Robert Milton Coombs, Cpl. Ret’d.

4.      Birthdays:

a.       February           Ian Beer, Peter Sorensen, Paul Stetson, Richard MacAulay, Randy Robar, Michael O’Neil, Addison Coffin, Paul MacDougald, Gordon Coffin, Don MacAulay.

b.      March  Paul Saulnier, Bob Harris, Jim Delaney, Brian Weldon, David Aitken, Ernie Maidment, Ruby Burns, Phil Pitts, Allen Roach, Harold Hodgin, George Wright, Dana Hart.  

5.      Minutes of Previous Meeting (Secretary)

a.       Minutes for meeting of 19th. Of January 2021 will be on the web site for your perusal. (also see attached). 

6.      Business Arising from the Minutes

a.       Update on MFRC Position (Scott Ferris)

b.      Still need to fill position of 2nd.VP  (Scott Ferris) 

7.      Financial Statement  (Treasurer - Fred Foster)

8.      Correspondence (Secretary)

a.       All correspondence was electronic and has been previously forwarded to all. 

9.      New Business 

a.       Possible Project (Moose Mounties)(Scott Ferris)

b.      Report for Kings County (Richard MacAulay)

c.       Report for Queens County (Wayne Schleyer)

d.      Report for Prince County  (Harold Hodgin)

e.      Entertainment Committee (Phil Pitts)

f.        Gravesite Inspection Committee (Damien Dunsford)

g.       Membership Committee (Ernie MacAulay)

h.      Advocacy Committee (Scott Ferris)

i.         Military Family Resource Centre (Scott Ferris)

10.  Adjournment to May 18th. 2021, venue to be determined pending COVID-19 guidelines.