RCMP Veterans' Association (PEI)

Agenda, Virtual Meeting ā€“ January 19th, 2021 

  1. Call to Order Virtual Meeting
    1. Welcome and Introduction of Guests (Scott Ferris)
  2. Adoption of Agenda (Previously Circulated)
  3. Last Post: 
    1. List attached for November 17th. Through to January 19th.  2021. 
      1. Members who passed that served in ā€œLā€ Div. include Regimental #23949, S/Sgt. Bob Nahrgang
    2. Update on Fred Lynch
  4. Birthdays:
    1. December
      1. Walter Charlesworth, Bob McCann, Irene MacDonald, Gordie Campbell.
    2. January
      1. Joan Graham, Bush Dumville, Bob Vokey, Karen McIntee
  5. Minutes of Previous Meeting (Secretary)
    1. Meeting Minutes 2020-11-17
  6. Business Arising from the Minutes
    1. Need to fill position of 2nd VP  (Scott Ferris)
    2. Need for an MFRC Representative  (Scott Ferris)
    3. Decision to continue with a plan to disburse some RCMPVA(PEI) FUNDS.  (Lew Robinson)
    4. Purchase of Pillars of the Force Brick @ $500.00 Brick  (Scott Ferris)
      1. Backgrounder:  Motion and Research
  7. Financial Statement  (Treasurer Fred Foster)
    1. 2020 Year End Income Statement
    2. 2021 Budgetted Income Statement
  8. Correspondence Previously Forwarded  (Lew Robinson)
    1. Will read email from Jean Hender (Thank You)
  9. New Business:
    1. Report for Kings County  (Richard MacAulay)
    2. Report for Queens County  (Wayne Schleyer)
    3. Report for Prince County  (Scott Lundrigan)
    4. Entertainment Committee  (Phil Pitts)
    5. Gravesite Inspection Committee  (Damien Dunsford)
    6. Membership Committee  (Ernie MacAulay)
    7. Advocacy Committee  (Scott Ferris)
    8. Military Family Resource Centre
    9. Financial Assets  (Randy Robar)
    10. Online membership system (Scott Ferris)
  10. Adjournment to March 16th. 2021, (Venue to be determined pending COVID-19 guidelines)